Nothing Grows
Without Water

Why Eco,
Why Now?

For as long as most of us can remember, we have been intrinsically drawn to water. Like children who peer into a pond to marvel at their own reflection, catch raindrops on their tongue or play in the ocean’s surf on a summer afternoon, we all seem to have an innate connection to water’s life-sustaining flow.
Access to clean, renewable water sources is critical to people, plants and animals around the globe and quintessential for the preservation of all life on earth. The global water crisis due to climate change is gaining momentum each day and has reached critical levels in many countries, including Mexico.

Numbers Game

Billion Years
Earth’s Resources

8 Billion People

The Earth is currently home to eight billion people, most of them existing as consumers using up natural resources without ever replenishing them. What happens when the well literally runs dry? The fact remains: Humans can’t live without water, air or food. If our resources are limited or too polluted to use, what is plan B? We can choose to wait and see or we can take steps now to protect our resources so that our children can enjoy the same quality of life or better.

Meet The Team

The Eco Cunas team includes some of the industry’s leading professionals in sustainability, education and real estate development.
LEED Consultants
Taller Híbrido
As the globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement, LEED certification is an important part of the Eco Cunas development, education and community engagement goals. All LEED building consulting services, certification management and on-site auditing for Eco Cunas will be conducted by leading Mexico City-based firm Taller Híbrido. The company has extensive experience in multiple international sustainability certifications, including LEED BD+C: New Construction, and is a registered LEED Proven Provider for quality control standards in the documentation of prerequisites and credits on the LEED Online platform monitored by the U.S. Green Building Council.
Domus Fine Real Estate
Specializing in high level properties and exclusive developments in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, Domus Fine Real Estate’s uncompromising standards and commitment to client care have earned its reputation as a gold standard in the industry. With more than $250 million sales in the last two years, the experienced professionals at Domus combine comprehensive knowledge of the market and cutting edge promotional tools to offer its clients top-notch service and results.
Advanced Closed Loop Water System
UMA (Universidad del Medio Ambiente)
Eco Cunas’ closed loop water system is designed in consultation with professionals from UMA (Universidad del Medio Ambiente), the only university in Mexico specializing in sustainability and socio-environmental regeneration. The educators and practitioners at UMA bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing regenerative systems with proven success not only on their campus outside of Mexico City but in partnership with numerous nonprofit, corporate and private partners.
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