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While cash purchases remain the standard for real estate in Mexico, financing options have expanded to include a variety of bank mortgages, developer financing and cross-border loans through reputable U.S. and Canadian affiliates.
Eco Cunas offers significant discounts during the pre-sale time frame. Discount rates vary depending on the down payment amount and other factors. Various financing payment plans are also available through the developer. Contact an Eco Cunas consultant for a current list of discount rates and financing options.

Free Consultations

Our consultants at Eco Cunas are available to answer any of your questions and advise you on your financing choices. We encourage you to thoroughly research all options and consult trusted legal and real estate professionals with experience in buying in Mexico.



Mexico is in the top 5 countries for high return property rental investments in the world.

High ROI

Net ROI potential from market analysis in this area is increasing rapidly, with up to 125% return after 10 years.


Mexico welcomes foreign investments, buying property in Mexico is easy, safe and will be owned in your name.

Mexican Loans for

Tu Casa Express Loan
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Intercam Loan
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Most investors buy at pre-sale construction prices and then sell after construction or enter into a lucrative capital gains rental program. Either strategy will work well at Eco Cunas depending on your long or short term investment return needs.
Rising demand for sales and rental properties in Riviera Nayarit paired with lucrative, stress-free rental programs and instant equity options offer robust potential for return on investment. Current market analysis has shown a 121% increase in sales volume in the area. Over the last two years, buying real estate in this region at pre-sale prices has consistently yielded a 20-30% instant equity gain.


Eco Cunas offers a lucrative rental program, where we handle everything and all you do is collect the long term profits. Our total package includes all administrative, maintenance, housekeeping, marketing and booking services. Depending on which program you choose, expect the maximum capital gains of 18% in 3 years, 40% in 5 years and up to 115% after 10 years.
In the last few years, occupancy rates in the Riviera Nayarit peaked at 96% in high season, 70% during low season. Mexico welcomed 45 million visitors in 2019, according to SECTUR – Mexico’s Board of Tourism Mexico. In January 2023 alone, 1,970,045 visitors entered the country by airplane and 1,065,107 entered by cruise ship.

Net Return
on Investment

Projections of Gross Profit Rental Income at an average of 86% annual occupancy
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