Education Center

The nonprofit Cuenca Education Center at Eco Cunas will offer residents and visitors a unique opportunity to explore cradle-to-cradle design in action. Named after the Spanish word for “basin,” Cuenca suggests a broader concept of a gathering place for water, a place from which this life-giving resource can be used and re-used in a way that mirrors nature’s continuous cycles while promoting the health of the planet and the people who inhabit it.


Daily tours of the Education Center will be free and open to the public and provide a wealth of educational opportunities for students, residents and the general public. Guests can observe how clean water is produced in a closed-loop system, learn the science behind solar power, or explore the role our waterways, wetlands and biodiversity play in filtering our water and protecting the environment as a whole.

Back Locally

In addition to its educational goals, a key part of the Education Center’s mission will be to give back to the local community in a variety of ways. Initiatives being planned include a recycling center, clean drinking water stations for local sports and community groups, wildlife and forest conservation and the promotion of fair and local trade in the region.


Experience the wonder of Eco Cunas with our virtual tour of Cuenca Education Center. Click on the blue highlights in the tour to explore different rooms and areas. Once built visitors can book free tours and learn about our non-profit programs.
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