Mexico’s 1st LEED Zero

Water Certified Eco Development

When was the last time you experienced WONDER?

Each of us comes into the world born to dream without limits. We find magic all around us and live in a world of possibility. What if there were a place that invited us to rediscover this natural state of wonder as adults? To connect with our surroundings—from the forest to the deep blue sea, the mountains to the twinkling stars? To say “yes” to experiencing luxury in harmony with the systems that naturally sustain us. To feel wonder mingled with admiration and to find true beauty in the unexpected.

Paradise with

A first of its kind in Mexico and most of the world, Eco Cunas has designed homes that are net zero energy, water and waste. Eco Cunas is the first registered LEED Zero Water certified development in all of Mexico. LEED global certification affords the comfort of knowing every structure is constructed to the highest standards of green building.
Eco Cunas offers uncompromising luxury, sophisticated designs and a unique, eco-conscious lifestyle. Located in Riviera Nayarit, Litibu is nestled between Sayulita and Punta Mita, less than 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. This Mexican coastal paradise takes you away from the crowds and into a private oasis with stunning views of the ocean and tropical forests. Take a walk on one of the longest golden sandy beaches in the bay with almost no one else in sight.


Are you ready to live in a place where utility bills are a thing of the past? The first of its kind, Eco Cunas utilizes cradle-to-cradle environmental design principles, renewable energy and an advanced, high-end closed-loop water system.
The development will only use renewable energy resources, and every aspect will be carefully audited to ensure all structures and dwellings are designed for maximum energy efficiency. From luxury retro designed DC powered refrigerators to sun reflecting windows and locally sourced earth plasters, every detail of Eco Cunas is designed with sustainability and enduring quality in mind.

Return on
Investment Program

As Mexico’s real estate boom continues, the demand for quality homes and residential properties far outweighs supply. Since the pandemic, many people from around the world have flocked to Mexico in order to enjoy its paradise, vibrant lifestyle, and lower cost of living. When you purchase an Eco Cunas residence, you are able to use and enjoy the property when you choose, but you will also have the opportunity for a high return on investment through a lucrative rental program or instant equity option.

Sustainable Future

Our Eco residences have been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted down to the smallest detail based on sustainable design principles, sophisticated architectural concepts and uncompromising construction standards. Saying something about how we are at the highest standard global standards.

Education Center

The Cuenca Education Center at Eco Cunas will offer a unique opportunity to learn about the science and technology behind the development’s revolutionary, closed loop systems. Visitors and residents can explore how its advanced water system produces crystal clear, pristine drinkable water verified by daily testing and comparable or superior to bottled or tap water from trusted sources. They can also learn more about how Eco Cunas is registered as the first LEED Zero Water certified development in all of Mexico.
Because, what is paradise if not a place for possibilities?



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A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
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