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For as long as most of us can remember, we have been intrinsically drawn to water. Like children who peer into a pond to marvel at their own reflection, catch raindrops on their tongue or play in the ocean’s surf on a summer afternoon, we all seem to have an innate connection to water’s life-sustaining flow.
Access to clean, renewable water sources is critical to people, plants and animals around the globe and quintessential for the preservation of all life on earth. The developers of Eco Cunas, the first certified eco development in the state of Nayarit, had this in mind as they began planning this uniquely sustainable community. Featuring a state-of-the-art closed-loop water system, Eco Cunas will become a landmark model of sustainability and modern luxury.

Paradise with

A first of its kind in Mexico and most of the world, Eco Cunas has designed homes that are net zero energy, water and waste. Eco Cunas is the first registered LEED Zero Water certified development in all of Mexico. LEED global certification affords the comfort of knowing every structure is constructed to the highest standards of green building. Eco Cunas offers uncompromising luxury, sophisticated designs and a unique, eco-conscious lifestyle. Located in Riviera Nayarit, Litibu is nestled between Sayulita and Punta Mita, less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. This Mexican coastal paradise takes you away from the crowds and into a private oasis with stunning views of the ocean and tropical forests. Take a walk on one of the longest golden sandy beaches in the bay with almost no one else in sight.

Why Invest in Eco Cunas

Low Utility Bills

The first of its kind, Eco Cunas utilizes cradle-to-cradle environmental design principles, 100% renewable energy sources and an advanced, high-end closed-loop water system. All structures and systems will be carefully audited to ensure maximum energy efficiency. With this new paradigm of preserving and sharing resources, we are eliminating the need to pay high monthly utility bills.

Sustainable Future

Eco Cunas residences have been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted based on sustainable design principles, sophisticated architectural concepts and uncompromising construction standards. Eco Cunas will become a model for sustainable luxury in real estate recognized by international competitions and global green building organizations.

Education Center

The Cuenca Education Center at Eco Cunas will offer daily tours to learn about the science and technology behind the development’s revolutionary, closed-loop systems. Visitors can explore how its advanced water system produces pristine drinking water verified by daily testing. This nonprofit will serve as a local community resource and create educational programs taught year-round.

Why Invest in Eco Cunas

Mexico is in the top 5 countries for high return on property rental investments. Most investors buy at pre-sale construction prices and then sell or enter into a lucrative capital gains rental program. Either strategy will work well at Eco Cunas depending on your long or short term return goals.

Smart Investment

Rising demand for sales and rentals in Riviera Nayarit paired with lucrative, stress-free rental programs and instant equity options offer robust return potential. Current market analysis has shown a 121% increase in sales volume in the region. Over the last two years, pre-sale real estate purchases have consistently yielded a 20-30% instant equity gain.
The Eco Cunas offers a comprehensive rental program that includes all administrative, maintenance, housekeeping, marketing and booking services. We handle everything while you collect the long-term profits. Depending on the program selected, expect the maximum capital gains of 18% in 3 years, 40% in 5 years and up to 115% after 10 years.

Early Access

This is my passion project, but more importantly this development represents a groundbreaking model of how real estate can be built sustainably with design systems that can regenerate our natural resources instead of depleting them. Living eco-friendly doesn’t mean living in a stick hut in the woods, it can be luxurious and affordable.
Developer Discount

Friends and Family of Eco Cunas will enjoy exclusive access to a limited number of villas and lofts available for purchase prior to general sales. These discounts are available for the next month, then sales are open to the public with increased market value prices of 10-15%.

Investor Exclusive Pricing

Eco Cunas investors will also have the rare opportunity to be a partner in a project that is designed for exponential growth. Real estate investments are still peaking with no real competition in the niche market of sustainable luxury housing. Once launched we plan on creating future developments and establishing a benchmark presence in this market. As an investor you will have a stake in the company with an impressive equity growth package. Be a part of the growth and learn about our future plans and financial projections.

a Better Future

Come join me on this journey and invest in a rare opportunity to grow in an emerging market with limited competition and high economic returns. Your investment in Eco Cunas is an investment in not only your future, but the future of the planet and the health and wellbeing of future generations.
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